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. . . from Canada to Korea: eleven hours later, sixteen hours ahead . . .

This is Seongsan Ilchulbong—sunrise peak—a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. It is a geological formation that has been standing off the coast of Korea’s Jeju Island since a volcanic eruption at least 40,000 years ago.

I, on the other hand, have been here only a couple of weeks. Climbed the peak last week with some folks who were here as international guests to attend the PROK’s 103rd General Assembly, held on Jeju Island this year.

We were suitably impressed, just hiking to the top, but it is even more spectacular from the air:

By coincidence, this coincided with the visit of South Korean President Moon to North Korea, September 18-20. It is hard to appreciate just how monumental this event is, because it is not yet clear what will come of it, if anything, but the Korean people are hopeful, as you can see from this huge banner suspended outside Seoul City Hall, which says something like: the summit between South and North Korea that changed the Korean peninsula.

An exciting time to be in Korea!

Check back to find out what I am experiencing. I hope to add a post at least once a month.