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PROK Youth Camp

Just got back from the PROK Youth camp, which took place at Neorigul Cultural Village in Anseong.

Met with 100 PROK young people from all over South Korea, as well as international guests. (Actually, I don’t think it was as many as one hundred, but sometimes it certainly felt that way, especially in the worship sessions!)

There was lots of music, discussion, noise, laughter, interaction, under the theme “togetherness.” There was also a special presentation by the Taiwanese participants and performances by Michelle Lee and GFU.

Here's a couple of snippet video clips:

I interviewed a few folks about their experiences, and here are a few of the things I learned:

 Name: Junghwan, from Wonju

Occupation: student of electronics and mechanics

Special insight from the event: The subject was love. People usually want to give and receive love, but if they get no return, many people come away disappointed. But I learned through the camp that the giving of love is itself a great thing.

Anything else to add?: Come to my church!

Name: Sahra, from Germany

Occupation: insurance apprentice

Special insight from the event: having faith, believing in God can be fun; where you come from does not prevent you from being able to make friends: you can be together in heart despite the language barrier.

One word: togetherness

Name: Eunji, from Seoul

Occupation: pastor in training

Special insight from the event: It was interesting to see all the people from all over the country coming together as one. They started by sticking close to their church groups, but then quickly started mixing; the group was smaller this year than other years and I think this contributed to a closer feeling

One word: 축게
(I think this means “celebration”)

Name: Amity, from Taiwan

Occupation: freelance translator

Special insight from the event: Don’t be afraid. Embrace new things. Try to believe that it will be good for you and then open yourself.

One word: musical!

See you again next year everybody!