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... Back in Korea ...

I returned to Korea at the end of August to join Hanshin Presbyterian Church in Seoul for their English-language summer camp program. I have been working with them one Sunday a month over the past year and this was a great opportunity to get to know the participants a little better.

Their theme for the day was our responsibility for caring for the planet. As it says in Genesis, God saw the creation, and saw that it is very good. This gives us the responsibility to care for the earth and all life on it. The children of the congregation embraced this theme enthusiastically, sharing their ideas about what they can do to make a difference. Here are a few scenes from the event.


Here in Korea, like everywhere else on the planet, we are experiencing the effects of climate change. Yet here, as elsewhere, the issue is so huge that it is hard to take the threat seriously. Everything in our thinking needs to change. Amazingly, across the globe, children are the ones leading the way–they seem to be able to think about the future in a way that the rest of us can't.

It is a privilege to work with the children at Hanshin. May God bless them as they bring hope for the future. Their message to us:

Children of God, let us take care of our planet, the Earth!