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Monday Night Group

Every month I meet with a group of mission co-workers here in Korea. We offer support to each other and share perspectives and thoughts about what it means to be doing mission as a partner here in Korea.

I’m always a little bit surprised at how critical the group can be of Korean society at times – I think this reflects just how committed they are to Korea. As outsiders we see some of the contradictions that give us frustration and yet love Korea anyway!

We usually meet on a Tuesday night, but the group continues to call itself the “Monday Night Group” because the group used to meet on Monday nights back in the difficult days of the military dictatorship in South Korea, and the name has continued in memory of that struggle.

The membership in the group is somewhat fluid, because people are always coming and going. Right now the group has active participation from folks from USA, Philippines, China, India, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Canada, working for a variety of different agencies and denominations. Many also have close ties with folks working in other places, which provides many opportunities for hearing about the struggles going on elsewhere, and also opportunities for comparing notes and strategies.

There are many places right now worthy of attention of course, but do keep India and the Philippines in your prayers, as they struggle with volatile political situations, as well as the people of China and South Korea as they deal with the corona virus.